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The Southern Oak Tree provides many essentials things for nature. This solid tree provides food, shelter, and nutrients for the animals and plants around it.  At Southern Oak Realty, we want to provide the same for you. We don’t want to just list or buy you a house. We care about you, your family, your finances, your goals, and your dreams. We work quickly and effectively to ensure that you receive the best deal that benefits you.  We believe everyone should have a legacy; owning a home is a huge part of that legacy. A home is an asset but more importantly, a home is where family and friends gather to share ideas and create memories that make your legacy eternal.


The Southern Oak Realty Team is made up of Andy Campbell (team leader) and Susan Forsythe (Administrator, Buying Agent)

Andy is married since 2004 with two kids they have a small farm raising a herd of grass-fed low line Angus, horses, chickens, donkeys and whatever other animals his wife and kids decide to bring home that week, He has been in real estate since 2004. Andy has done everything from property management to home Auctions.  His first-hand knowledge of how important the land is for your ranch or farm helps in assisting you to find the right property to fit your needs.


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Selling, Buying & Auction Serivces

Selling - Your property needs to  have a market analysis to correctly determine the price in order for it to be marketed properly and have a honest agent that will tell you how it is, not just what you want to hear.


Buying - When your searching for your next property you need options that fit in your budget and meets your needs. This takes time and diligence. 


Auction Services - Auctioning a property is a great way to get fast buyers that are ready to close.  There is an energy to an auction that cannot be denied.  Auctions have to be marketed to get the buyers.


At Southern Oak we can provide all of the things you need to sell, buy or auction we make it "As easy as a handshake." 

Susan Forsythe

Admin/Buyer Agent

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